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Unlocking Power Automate: Tips and Tricks to Boost Productivity and Efficiency in Your Business Operations

Unlocking Power Automate: Tips and Tricks to Boost Productivity and Efficiency in Your Business Operations

Title: Power Automate Tips and Tricks: Enhancing Productivity and Efficiency


Power Automate, previously known as Microsoft Flow, is a cloud-based application that enables users to create and automate workflows across various services and applications. By automating manual business processes, it accelerates productivity within organisations. In this blog post, we will delve into some useful Power Automate tips and tricks, aimed at helping you leverage and optimise its potential.

1. Streamline Repetitive Tasks

One of the most popular uses of Power Automate is to streamline repetitive tasks. For instance, if you constantly receive emails with attachments that need to be saved onto your OneDrive, you can create a flow to do this automatically. Save time and improve efficiency by eliminating the need for tedious, repetitive actions.

2. Trigger Alerts

Another fantastic use for Power Automate is setting up alerts—for both essential and non-essential events. You can configure an automatic email or push notification to your phone, whenever certain conditions are met in your data sources or apps.

3. Advanced Error Handling

A common misconception about Power Automate is that it isn’t capable of handling complex issues. However, using advanced error handling techniques, you can ensure that your flows are robust and resilient. Include “Terminate” actions in your flows to monitor and manage any errors effectively.

4. Utilise ‘Run After’ Configuration

The ‘Run After’ configuration is a powerful feature in Power Automate. It allows you to dictate when a particular action should occur based on the outcomes of previous actions. This enables intricate orchestrations and the creation of non-linear workflows.

5. Leverage On Templates

Unsure where to start? Power Automate comes packed with a vast array of templates to kickstart your automation journey. These templates provide ready-to-use flows for a variety of purposes, such as integrating Outlook with OneDrive, creating reminders, or automating tweets.

6. Capitalise on Built-in Connectors

Power Automate boasts a large number of built-in connectors for popular business applications such as Excel, SharePoint, Power BI, and more. Use these connectors to integrate different applications and services, heightening efficiency by facilitating seamless data transfer and communication.

7. Integrate with Power Virtual Agents

By integrating Power Automate with Power Virtual Agents, you can create intelligent and responsive chatbots that are capable of performing actions within your flows. This delivers a superior user experience and streamlines access to your automated processes.

8. Use AI Builder to Implement Artificial Intelligence

AI Builder, a feature available in Power Automate, allows users to tap into the power of artificial intelligence (AI). You can use AI Builder to train and build models for object detection, form processing, prediction, and more—further bolstering the potential of your automated workflows.


Power Automate offers a robust and expansive automation platform, replete with features designed to enhance productivity and efficiency. By implementing these tricks and tips, you can not only harness the full potential of Power Automate but also transform your business processes—with minimal coding and technical know-how.

As AI technology continues to evolve, tools like Power Automate will only become more potent. Now is an ideal time to familiarise yourself with this tool and start reaping its many benefits. Remember, the aim is not just automation—it’s about streamlining processes, improving communication, and ultimately, enhancing productivity.

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